It’s difficult to start writing again after a very long break. I write in this blog for various reasons, the first few years it was just as an exercise, since I was in PhD phase, and I need an escape from writing heavy stuff to ordinary things, just to keep the engine running. The time has passed, and it’s been 3 years since that time. There are so many things has happened, some were good, some others weren’t, with 2015 was the worst period, almost everything gone wrong. it got better in 2016, much better, and 2017 is something in between, one thing for sure, I was drowning in the sea of works.

Last week I went to Bali, not a difficult task, just monitoring and evaluation of Fuel Stock for Christmas and New Year.  We stayed in Grand Whiz, Nusa dua. It’s a nice hotel, with access to private beach. So, after finishing the job, I walked around at the beach (while listening to my ipod playlist). I don’t know why, but save a prayer from Duran Duran is my mandatory song when I am on the beach, maybe because of the video?but the song is really suitable for creating perfect mood

The beach itself is not a very special place, but it’s quite, and so peaceful, because there were only few people over there.  After a long walk, I took a rest at a gazebo. Just sitting there, enjoy the view, close my eyes and listened to sea breeze, some kind of contemplating, and recharging my energy. I am not good at describing thing, so I upload the video, as illustration

I didn’t realize that the last time I wrote on this blog was 2 years ago. Since 2011, I wrote in every single year, 2011, 2012 and 2013, but I missed to do so in 2014. Well, last year was a very hectic period. It was my last year of PhD, I have to catch the deadline to graduate in September, and at the same time I also wanted to optimize (sounds to serious?) my time in Netherlands and Europe with respect to… traveling. Yes, constrain optimization of time and cost for traveling.. yeah rite.

It started with Barcelona in February, it was spring break at my university, so I didn’t want to waste the time and jump to this beautiful city. a trip that I just found out a month before, so I have to deal with expensive ticket while all of my friends bought it at very cheap price. But I didn’t regret it, it worth every penny.

The next trip was Milan and Florence in April, during Easter holiday. I have to say that I did not enjoy Milan, but I do like Florence. That trip was followed by Istanbul in May, which also my last trip outside Netherlands during my period of stay. The last summer in Holland was so nice, I skip the mighty Pink Pop Fest ( don’t ask why please!) but I enjoyed several summer music festival, in various city and place, including Kool and The Gang Performance in Rotterdam. After that, everything run so fast, submit the final draft, short holiday for my sister wedding, PhD defense and just like a blink of an eye, I was at the end of my 4 years journey.

Fast forward 10 months, and here I am, writing this article. you know, very often I miss my time in Netherlands, where life was so much simple. Especially when you are in though period. Work, personal issues…



Thesis Writing

Last week I just finished the conference for the last paper, so now I am in last phase of my PhD, writing the manuscript. At one side, I feel relieve, that the technical part, working with the modelling, programming was over, but on the other side, writing is not an easy one. With one year remaining of my contract, I hope that I will have enough time to finish it.

I have sent the first complete draft of my thesis to my supervisor, which gives me little spare time before working on the feed back which I believe will be very devastating.  From all chapter, writing the introduction and conclusion was the most difficult part, since it has to be mirroring each other, and covers anything in between. That draft is far from perfect of course, but I prefer to send it as soon as possible to speed up and start the whole process. There’s no use to keep revising it too much while I wasn’t sure about the direction that I took.

well, let’s see what will happen

July 7, 2013

Natural Born Killers

Imagine you’re Junior High School student, kidnapped and have to participate in some kind of survival game in an isolated island, in which the primary goal is to kill all of your classmates in order to survive?
what if within 1 hour nobody die, all of you will be killed?(there is a collar that will be detonated in your neck)
what would you do?

That’s the central theme of “Battle Royale”, a japanesse novel written by Koushun Takami. Prior to this novel, there is a “Lord of the flies” (from noble price winner, William golding) which has similar setting. But the difference is,in LOTF, the kids are survival of plane crash in an island and at the beginning there is no intention or rules to kill each other. Just a bunch of kids who tried to govern themselves. But either way, those two novels ended up in a bloody massacre

You might think that it is unrealistic in our civilize world. Well, it’s true, but if you take out the civilization, would people still behave in order? or there is a dark side in every human nature?The evil residing within everyone?
Let’s take a very simple example. you’re a university student, who has to work in a project with other 3 friends, and every member has difference direction about the project, and you start arguing each other?and you think, “fuck, I can work faster without those shitty persons? I bet it something common in your university life, right?
now change the setting, you’re in island with the same persons, but the project is changed to how to survive. Can you imagine how messy the situation could be?who’s in charge?why?especially if every single of you has the same quality?why you should listen to other?why not the other way around?
have you watched TV series, Survivor? or other reality show, where people so badly tried everything to win?

In one of the analysis about lord the flies, it says that society holds everyone together and without this condition, our ideas, values, and the basic of right and wrong are lost. Without society rigid rules,savagery can come to light. Moreover, the fear of unknown can be a powerful force which can turn you to either insight or hysteria.
it makes sense, how good you know your friends?can you believe he or she will not stab you in the back? (in case of battle royale)
we’re not talking about good friend with whom you spend most of your time, but a friends that you rarely meet, or almost never have a chat with?

well, I don’t want to go any further, since I don’t have the capacity to make assessment about human psychology. Just want to share a thought that to certain extent, these novel make you think about human nature. I have to say that both of battle royale and lord of the flies are interesting novel and worth to read.





The Black Swan

The title is taken from a book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb with the same title. Taleb has MBA from Wharton and PhD from University of Paris. For those who learn advanced statistics, this book is interesting to read, ask your Professor about this and see his/her reaction.

Phenomenon of black swan is a metaphor to illustrate a startling event, has significant effect. Definition:

“What we call here Black Swan is an event with the following three attributes. First, it is an outlier, because it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past convincingly shows the possibility. Second, it carries an ‘impact’ extreme. Third, although the outlier status, human nature makes us formulate an explanation for the incident after the fact, so that explained and predicted.”

The phrase “black swan” derives from a Latin expression; its oldest known occurrence is the poet Juvenal’s characterization of something being “rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno” (“a rare bird in the lands, very much like a black swan”) Example of this are the wall street market crash 1987, 9 september, world war I

Taleb, strongly criticized the use of Gauss curve, and also various mathematical models used by the financial analysts, including the Nobel Prize winners, which he called as developed complex models that no one ever used it in the real world. Example, GARCH models of the Engles (he won noble prize  in 2003 for this model) which commonly studied in standard econometric literature, or the calculation of Value at Risk (VaR),(damn, I take econometric and risk management this quartile, and he just told me all those things are rubbish!)

Taleb divides the phenomenon in the world 2, Mediocristan, and extremistan. Mediocristan is a world where the extremes case almost never happened. For example, a man with height, 2.2 meters or 2.3 m, although only exist 1 in several thousand (excluding NBA players of course), it is still possible, but it’s impossible for anyone has height more than 1 km (even for NBA players). Another example, the consumption of calories, small restaurant revenues, and prostitute income. On the opposite, the world of extremistan, is where all the anomalies can happen. Examples, incomes of an author, capital markets, inflation, economic data. This implies a possible world of black more swan although black swan is not always happen in extremistan.

So what is the relation with the Gauss curve? Gauss curve principle shows that most of the observations give results around a central point, the chances of a deviation (deviation) decreases exponentially, the further from the average. Example, if the average height (Male + female) was 1.67, and 1 unit of deviation is 10 cm.

Probabilities distribution are as the follow :

10 cm higher than the average (higher than 1.77m): 1 in 6.3

20 cm higher than the average (higher than 1.87m): 1 in 44

30 cm higher than the average (higher than 1.97m): 1 in 740

…. etc. ..

extreme conditions: 110 cm higher than the average (higher than 2.77m): 1 in 36,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

notice how the above probabilities jump the further they are from the midpoint. In risk management of finance, there is the so-called Value at Risk (VaR), where we set restrictions based on assessment (historical or model bulting), that the confidence level of 99% (sometimes 95%) loss will not be greater than x. This concept is often misused by rogue traders, by making an assessment of a portfolio of 99.1% will not be more than 10 million dollars in a day, and only a 0.9% probability of a loss of more than 500 million dollars. Events with a small probability, which is never expected that this may occur in reality comes true and caused great damage.

Then what is the solution? Or at least partial solution? Fractal

A fractal is defined to be “The graphical representation of a mathematics unlimited curve. Where the main properties of fractals is the ‘auto-similarity’, meaning that each part of this curve contains the structure of the whole curve. Fractal randomness is a way to reduce the “surprise” effect, reducing some “swan”.

For example, wall street 1987, if we have considered that the stock market could collapse, then it is not a black swan anymore. It is worth noting that the intention here is certainly not predict exactly when it will occurs, instead taking into account that it might happen rather than consider it as outliers in gauss curve.

Examples of comparison fractal with a Gauss curve, look at the probability distribution of wealth fractal:

People with a fortune of more than 1 million euros: 1 in 62.5

People with a fortune of more than 2 million euros: 1 in 250

People with a fortune of more than 4 million euros: 1 in 1000

People with a fortune of more than 8 million euros: 1 in 4000.

gauss curve :

People with a fortune of more than 1 million euros: 1 in 63

People with a fortune of more than 2 million euros: 1 in 127000

People with a fortune of more than 4 million euros: 1 in 886.

People with a fortune of more than 8 million euros: 1 in

see the difference? if people with a fortune of more than 8 million euros are stock market crash, then in Gauss Kurve, you will avoid the change that it can occur, consired the very small probability However according to Taleb, fractal can only partially predict black swan, precisely locate the gray one not the black one.

So, the conclusion? read the book yourself if you think this topic is interesting. What is interesting to me, even though this book is written like a popular science book, but the academic world started to take seriously about this phenomenon. I came across in the internet and found this article in Elsevier

Black Swan Theory: Applications to energy market histories and technologies (Joel Krupa a,*, Cameron Jones b,1)

It is about application of Black Swan Theory in energy market, and some recommendation for policy maker to be aware of this. For example, black swan theory has illustrated the tendency for energy forecasters to both over and underestimate potential fossil fuel reserves. I am writing a series of paper about modelling in energy policy for my PhD thesis, and although I am not dealing with stochastic model, but it makes me think, did I make a realistic assumption in my model?

April 22, 2013


call me cynical person, but I don’t care too much about this pilkada things. In every election, either pilkada or pilpres I vote based on simple rules, at the moment x is better than y, but never, I repeat NEVER because of admiring his or her charisma, personality, or anything. Because I never trust “pencitraan”, and I don’t believe in legendary figure so called “Ratu Adil”.
One friend told me that sometimes “pencitraan” is necessary,hmm, it’s depend on what’s your definition of “pencitraan”.
I quote this from a website :

(1) An attempt to accentuate the best image in the public eye, (2) an attempt to prove existency, (3) Shows what is perceived as highly exaggerated until no longer appropriate.

Copyright 2011

I agree at some point you have to tell people what is your achievement, so the first definition is OK to certain extend, a but in reality, penciraan is dominated by (3) definition. When a public figure look modest,take a public transport, for instance people would love him or her instantly without questioning whether it’s only occasionally and coincidenly reported by media (I never believe in coincidence) for “pencitraan”, and when somebody raise a question about the authenticity of those action, he or she will get reviled for having negative thinking or even has hidden agenda.
I have tendency to think that the more you make “pencitraan” the worse person you are. Pencitraan is made to cover your weakness and people are like being lied to. It doesn’t matter anymore how good you vision is or, how a good a program that you proposed. You should realize that there is no perfect person and sometimes the best figure that you need is not coming in an “ideal packet”

Another friend told me that in this crazy world, we need a figure to rely upon to bring us to a better future etc. haven’t you seen enough how much disappointment we had for years? is it wise to keep this illusion?
why didn’t rely on yourself?to change your own future? or the illusion itself became sedative? to help you forget about your daily problem?


I wasn’t sure what should I write, just felt that I haven’t written anything in this blog for months, and this is the right time. In the last few months I was too busy for mix activity, academic, music, sport and even micro blogging a.k.a twitter. But somehow when I looked at my ubersoc screen, I felt saturated and don’t know what to twit. Suddenly, I remembered this old blog, and why don’t give it a try?I am not connected with anybody in this blog (of course I want to bring it to next step, built connection), but it gives me freedom, to say anything without worrying that people would judge or etc.

well this is a warming up, I’ll be back with more stories

Indonesia, Lepaskan Ketergantunganmu Kepada BBM

Oleh: Widjajono Partowidagdo

Indonesia memproduksi minyak sebesar 329 juta barel, mengekspor minyak mentah sebesar 132 juta barel, mengimpor minyak mentah sebesar 99 juta barel dan Bahan Bakar Minyak (BBM) sebesar 182 juta barel pada tahun 2011 (Sumber ESDM 2012) dan mengkonsumsi BBM 479 juta barel. Terdapat defisit sebesar 150 juta barel per tahun. Cadangan terbukti minyak kita hanya 3,7 milyar barel atau 0,3 % cadangan terbukti dunia. Sebagai Negara net importer minyak dan yang tidak memiliki cadangan terbukti minyak yang banyak, kita tidak bijaksana apabila mengikuti harga BBM murah di Negara-negara yang cadangan minyaknya melimpah.

Negara2 Amerika Latin yang anti Neolib seperti Brasil, Argentina dan Chili BBM nya tidak disubsidi, akibatnya BBN (Bahan Bakar Nabati) dan Industri Nasional (mobil, pesawat, senjata dan pertanian) nya berkembang. Bahkan Brasil sekarang menjadi Negara Idola disamping Rusia, India, Cina dan Korea (BRICK). Brasil bahkan sudah menguasai Teknologi Migas Lepas Pantai disamping Cadangan dan produksi minyaknya meningkat pesat, Petrobras adalah Perusahaan Migas terpandang di Dunia. Di India dan Pakistan maupun Cina dan Vietnam (Komunis) tidak ada subsidi BBM tetapi transportasi umum disubsidi sehingga nyaman dan Industri Nasionalnya meningkat pesat. Cina menggunakan gas dan listrik untuk transporasi umum dan sepeda motor menggunakan listrik. BBM murah hanya diterapkan di negara-negara yang cadangan minyaknya melimpah seperti Arab Saudi, Irak, Lybia dan Venezuela. Bahkan harga bensin di Iran ($ 0,67/l) yang cadangan minyaknya 138 milyar barel lebih mahal dari di Indonesia sekarang ( $ 0,59/l) yang cadangan minyaknya hanya 3,7 milyar barel karena mereka mengutamakan gas untuk transportasi, rumah tangga dan listrik. Iran mempunyai cadangan terbukti gas nomor dua di dunia yaitu 982 TCF, sesudah Rusia. Sedangkan cadangan terbukti gas Indonesia adalah 112 TCF.

Indonesia adalah Negara yang tidak kaya minyak. Kita lebih banyak memiliki energi lain seperti batubara, gas, CBM (Coal Bed Methane), shale gas, panas bumi, air, BBN (Bahan Bakar Nabati) dan sebagainya. Harga BBM (Bahan Bakar Minyak) menyebabkan terkurasnya dana Pemerintah untuk subsidi harga BBM, ketergantungan kita kepada BBM yang berkelanjutan serta kepada impor minyak dan BBM yang makin lama makin besar serta makin sulitnya energi lain berkembang.

Tahun 2011 Indonesia memproduksi minyak 900 ribu B/D (barel per hari), gas 1,5 juta B/D (ekivalen minyak) dan batubara 3,4 juta B/D. Indonesia mengekspor gas 797 ribu B/D dan batubara 2,4 juta B/D. Cadangan terbukti gas lima kali cadangan terbukti minyak dan cadangan terbukti batubara sepuluh kali. Akibat terobosan teknologi di CBM (gas di lapisan batubara dengan dewatering atau memproduksikan air lebih dulu) dan di shale gas (gas yang tertinggal di batuan induk dengan fracturing atau merekahnya) menyebabkan Amerika Serikat kebanjiran gas. Apabila Indonesia menerapkan teknologi tersebut maka akan mempunyai kesempatan yang sama. Batubara juga bisa diubah menjadi gas dan cairan. Biaya listrik di Sumatera Selatan Rp 800/kWh karena memakai gas dan batubara sedangkan di Sumatera Utara Rp 3.500/kWh karena memakai BBM. Potensi panasbumi Indonesia terbesar di dunia yaitu 29 GW, potensi airnya 76 GW dan potensi biomass 50 GW. Sulawesi selatan mempunyai danau Poso dengan potensi 900 MW yang kalau dikembangkan membutuhkan biaya Rp 800/kWh, tetapi saat ini 90 MW pembangkit listriknya sebagian besar memakai BBM dengan biaya Rp 3.500/kWh. Seharusnya, sedapat mungkin kita tidak menggunakan BBM untuk listrik.

Dulu waktu harga BBM Rp 6.000/ l sudah banyak yang berpindah ke busway dan transportasi umum. Begitu harga BBM Rp 4.500/l maka kembali naik kendaraan pribadi lagi. Orang tidak menghemat energi tetapi menghemat uang. Orang yang mau naik kendaraan umum layak disebut Pahlawan karena menghemat dana Pemerintah, energi dan polusi. Program konversi minyak tanah ke BBG berhasil karena subsidi minyak tanah dihilangkan. Program jarak pagar dan konversi premium ke BBG belum berhasil karena premium harganya Rp 4.500/l.

Kalau seseorang menyikapi kenaikan harga BBM dengan arif maka pengeluarannya justru berkurang kalau di hari-hari kerja dia menggunakan transportasi umum dan hanya menggunakan mobil pribadi di akhir pekan atau silaturahmi. Medco memberi converter kit untuk CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) yang harga CNGnya Rp 4.100/l untuk stafnya dan menyediakan bus kantor untuk pegawainya. Kalau kebanyakan perusahaan berperilaku seperti Medco maka Jakarta tidak macet. Daerah luar Jawa penghasil Migas bisa beralih ke BBG lebih cepat.

Naiknya harga BBM justru akan menyebabkan energi lain yaitu batubara, gas, panasbumi, air dan biofuel banyak dibutuhkan dan diproduksikan yang akan memberikan lapangan kerja, penghasilan dan pertumbuhan ekonomi serta berkembangnya daerah-daerah terutama di luar Jawa. Minggu 11 Maret 2012 Wakil Menteri Pertanian dan penulis mengunjungi Pesantren Sunan Drajat di Lamongan dan melihat pengembangan Kemiri Sunan disana. Kemiri Sunan ini disamping baik untuk penghijauan sehingga mencegah bajir dan tanah longsor juga buahnya bisa dibuat biodiesel yang dapat menjadikan suatu desa disamping asri juga mandiri energi. Pesantren mempunyai jaringan di seluruh Indonesia dan menurut informasi jumlahnya sekitar 20.000 di Indonesia.

Ketergantungan yang berlebihan terhadap minyak dan luar negeri adalah ketidakmandirian. Tidak menggunakan energi yang kita miliki secara optimal adalah tidak bijaksana. Mengkonsumsi barang yang mahal tetapi tidak mengkonsumsi barang murah yang kita miliki adalah kebodohan. Cara meminimalkan subsidi BBM untuk transportasi dan listrik adalah dengan sesedikit mungkin memakai BBM. Akibatnya, Indonesia mempunyai dana lebih banyak untuk membuat Indonesia lebih cepat menjadi Negara Terpandang di Dunia. Dengan mengurangi ketergantungan kepada BBM maka Insya Allah Indonesia menjadi lebih baik.

Publikasi di Jurnal Ilmiah Internasional

Dalam tulisan ini, gw mencoba menunjukkan perspektif lain perihal publikasi ilmiah di jurnal internasional tanpa mengambil posisi pro atau kontra terhadap kebijakan pemerintah tersebut, karena sudah banyak dibahas dalam berbagai tulisan sebelum ini di berbagai media, namun belum banyak yang memberikan informasi bagaimana sesungguhnya situasi yang dihadapi para mahasiswa di luar negeri.
Mahasiswa sarjana atau magister di luar negeri tidak mempunyai kewajiban untuk mempublikasikan tugas akhirnya di jurnal internasional, namun kadangkala pembimbing mereka menawarkan untuk menulis ulang tesisnya dalam format paper untuk dipublikasikan sebagai nilai tambah bagi mahasiswa tersebut tetapi tidak mempengaruhi kelulusan mahasiswa yang bersangkutan.
Untuk mahasiswa program doktoral di luar negeri, aturan mainnya sedikit berbeda, mereka diberi kebebasan untuk memilih, apakah akan menyusun disertasi dalam bentuk kumpulan artikel di jurnal ilmiah yang disebut thesis by publication atau menulis satu manuskrip (buku) disertasi seperti yang umum kita jumpai selama ini, namun TIDAK dianjurkan untuk melakukan kedua-duanya sekaligus. Hal ini disebabkan karena format kedua disertasi tersebut berbeda, masing-masing mempunyai kelebihan dan kekurangan, dan juga dipengaruhi oleh disiplin ilmu, metoda yang digunakan dan juga preferensi pembimbing / promotor. Tentu saja tetap dimungkinkan bagi mahasiswa yang menulis manuskrip untuk mempublikasikan disertasinya setelah sidang promosi.
Disertasi yang berupa publikasi umumnya terdiri dari minimal 4 artikel dan maksimum 8 artikel di jurnal internasional. Ada sejumlah universitas yang mempunyai kebijakan sangat ketat mengenai ini, all or nothing, yang berarti mahasiswa yang bersangkutan harus telah mempublikasikan semua artikelnya sebelum sidang promosi di jurnal peringkat atas dalam disiplin ilmu tersebut, satu saja artikel ditolak, berarti kegagalan untuk maju sidang, walaupun ada juga yang menerapakan kebijakan yang relatif lebih longgar. Di sini kandidat doktor harus membuat keputusan di awal risetnya, apakah akan mengambil resiko untuk menempuh jalur publikasi atau menulis manuskrip.
Menarik untuk diketahui bahwa asal muasal untuk diberlakukannya thesis by publication adalah kondisi di masa lalu dimana banyak peneliti senior yang sudah memiliki banyak publikasi namun belum memiliki gelar doktor, sebaliknya peneliti junior yang baru memulai karir sudah memiliki gelar doktor namun nihil publikasi. Lalu diberlakukanlah suatu peraturan yang memungkinkan untuk mengumpulkan publikasi tersebut menjadi suatu disertasi dengan syarat kumpulan publikasi tersebut menunjukkan koherensi terhadap satu topik tertentu, dan keputusan apakah publikasi tersebut dapat diterima berada di tangan komite doktoral.
Keuntungan jalur publikasi selain kesempatan untuk mendapatkan peer review dari researcher di luar institusi di mana kandidat tersebut melakukan riset, paper yang telah berhasil dipublikasikan akan menjadi rekam jejak yang positif untuk kandidat tersebut untuk melamar post doctoral atau posisi tenure di universitas yang seringkali mensyaratkan publikasi, dan memang pada umumnya lulusan S3 akan menempuh karir di bidang akademik. Sisi positif lain, publikasi secara tidak langsung menjadi cara bagi kandidat untuk “membeli” waktu pembimbingnya, yang umumnya sangat sibuk, dengan menjadi co-author dalam satu artikel, pembimbing tersebut harus meluangkan waktunya untuk membaca dan mereview draft dalam tenggang waktu tertentu sebagai konsekuensi dari pencantuman namanya di dalam artikel ilmiah.
Namun diluar hal-hal positif tersebut, banyak hal yang penting untuk dipertimbangkan, seperti proses review di jurnal international peringkat atas yang membutuhkan waktu cukup lama, paling tidak 3 bulan hanya untuk mengetahui apakah paper kita diterima atau ditolak, diterima dengan banyak revisi (seringkali keseluruhan paper harus ditulis ulang) atau revisi kecil, dan hampir tidak pernah langsung diterima pada kesempatan pertama. Proses tersebut membutuhkan kesabaran, waktu, yang mungkin suatu kemewahan bagi mahasiswa doktoral yang dikejar tenggat waktu, dan sangat tidak disarankan untuk mengirimkan satu draft paper ke beberapa jurnal sekaligus, karena seringkali peneliti yang ditunjuk sebagai referee bekerja untuk beberapa jurnal sekaligus.
Pertimbangan lain, tidak semua disiplin ilmu tepat cocok untuk thesis by publication. Kandidat doktor yang menggunakan metode etnografi (pengumpulan data melalui wawancara, kuesioner) misalnya, cenderung untuk menulis satu manuskrip lengkap dibandingkan publikasi, karena mereka pada umumnya ingin menyampaikan satu cerita yang utuh kepada pembaca, sesuatu yang sulit dilakukan dalam jurnal ilmiah karena keterbatasan jumlah kata/halaman yang diperbolehkan.
Keputusan pemerintah untuk mewajibkan publikasi bagi lulusan perguruan tinggi adalah sesuatu yang positif, namun alangkah baiknya kalau hal tersebut dilakukan secara bertahap, atau dilakukan dalam bentuk insentif yang bisa menstimulasi para calon lulusan untuk menulis karya ilmiah. Contohnya Universitas menerapkan kebijakan dimana lulusan yang bisa mempublikasikan tesis atau disertasinya akan mendapatkan predikat kelulusan cum laude, yang selama ini hanya diperhitungkan berdasarkan indek prestasi kumulatif (IPK). Adanya stimulasi seperti ini akan mendorong para mahasiswa untuk mempublikasikan tugas akhirnya tanpa merasakan adanya suatu paksaan dengan tujuan membiasakan para mahasiswa untuk mengenal makluk seperti apakah jurnal internasional itu sehingga tidak lagi dipandang sebagai momok yang mengerikan.


I visit Budapest for a Natural Gas Regulation Training. This is my first time in eastern Europe. Like Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam or other old city in Europe it has many beautiful and antique building. Yesterday We visited the Buda Castle. I though it was a single castle, but I was wrong. It is a complex of castle, in the past it was a district, and there was a segregation between common people are and royal family area. In the royal part, there is a palace, which never been used by any king or queen in the past because at the time it was built, the central of government was in Vienna. It’s a beautiful palace, although it’s not as large as I expected. (of course The Buda castle area is large, but not the King’s Palace). From the castle area, you could see the beautiful scenery of Budapest, If you ever visit Jerusalem, well this one is pretty much the same,It’s a hilly city. Well, that’s the beautiful part of Budapest. Now we came to the bad part. Let start with transportation system, bus in Budapest is no better than metro mini, almost every car is covered with dust. Very efficient in energy utilization or I have to say miserly ( is it a correct translation for “pelit”?), want an example?ok, I visited this 3 star hotel for a dinner, the alley was dark, because the lamp is triggered by motion sensor, once you leave an area, the lamp is turn off again automatically, and the water has a chlorine odor, huff. Still, I feel that it’s an interesting experience, of course travel to a place that you’ve never been before always exciting Budapest, February 3, 2011